I’m Ray Gardner, a retired (programmer | sofware engineer | developer) in Centennial, Colorado.

Retired but not done programming yet.

I’m a husband to my wonderful wife Debbie, a father to two great women, Kim and Lauren, and a grandfather to two lovely kids, Simon and Anya.

I also enjoy programming, music (mostly old rock, jazz rock, blues rock, bluesy jazz, jazzy blues), trying to learn more about programming and math, reading pop fiction thrillers and mysteries, and some other things.

I was also an avid though mediocre racquetball player for decades, until age and arthritis took me out of the game. But you should try it if you haven’t already; it’s a blast.

A glob, not a blog

I don’t consider this a blog; I think of a blog as better organized, with more regular posts, and preferably with comment capability. Though I may try to add comment capability to this later, if I think anyone ever reads it and has feedback. What to call this, then? My wife suggested that it’s a glob. So it’s a glob.

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